Day 48: something about a man in uniform

So I didn’t get much sleep between the dog barking and the kids radio alarms going off all night. But it’s so peaceful and quite here!

I feel like a grown up living on my own and I absolutely love it. I love not answering to anyone and doing whatever I want.

Work was okay tonight. I need more hours but I hate that place..the struggle is real. Tomorrow I get to work with a good crew so I’m excited about that.

As I drove on base tonight, the guy at the front was so freaken gorgeous it made me remember what it was like being with a man in uniform and I could totally see myself doing it again. 😳

Day 47: 31 Heroes was a success! Obviously we had to scale but it was still killer and a lot of fun! Bonnie was injured half way through but she didn’t quit! She just changed up the workouts! We both ran with a 20# vest and 5# weight. That was fun haha my leg and foot have been swollen since last night because I got bit by something which made it hard to workout.

Brandon looks like he was mauled by a tiger from last night and it’s hilarious. Went into work today to get a present and saw Matt. I CANT READ HIM. I’m house sitting for the Bowens today which is always fun! Love having a calm peaceful house to relax in! Jeff is talking to another girl haha CRACKS ME UP! Thank god I dodged that bullet. That guy is crazy! Got an invite to Auldons deployment party next month..aka find my husband party! Lol

Day 46: DAGER!

So I got a new watermelon phone today. Apple has thee worst customer service I’ve ever had and I almost didn’t want an iPhone because of it but I love mine so I had to stay.

Today was one of my favorite kind of days. The type of day where I wasn’t expecting anything and ended up with friends. Brandon met me after I got my phone and we ended up getting burritos and then Matt met up with us and we decided to party all day.

DAGER! Never partied all day. There ended up being like 8 or so people over drinking, playing BP, and swimming. I was drunk by 5pm HA! That’s never happened. Liz ended up coming over with her kitten because her and Brandon are talking and it makes me really happy. I love them both and I predicted them getting together after my graduation party.

Matt opened up SO much about stuff, granted he was drunk but it still counts. A lot of stuff makes sense now about him and how he acts. And as much as we flirt and I want to mess around with him, I know it’s probably not a smart idea.

Gave up my bed to Liz and Brandon so I’m sleeping on the couch tonight and I have a hero wod to do in a few hours. Why do I always end up partying the night before something important!

Day 44: life is hilarious

So today I was supposed to hang out with the guy but he ended up canceling and I’m glad. I’m over it. But of course he decides to text me all day and add a picture of his cut ass body.

Went and hung out with Tanya today! Super spur of the moment but SO glad I did!! I love that woman!! It’s amazing how much life has changed for the both of us and in such a good way. Had pancakes/froyo with my ex fiancé’s ex girlfriend’s brother. Me and him are chill and I find it hilarious that we hang out. He told me he knew Angelo cheated on his sister and Other things which didn’t surprise me..SUCH A TOOL. so glad I didn’t marry him!

I love my life ❤️

Day 43: predicted this

Jury duty sucked..but luckily due to an idiot witness I only had to stay for 3 hours!

Got my workout in and hurt my shoulder which I sat out at softball.

Came to the realization that I’m not into the guy anymore and although it’s weird I know it’s the best choice. Brandon and Liz are talking and I am so stoked about it. They are two of my favorite people and would be really good together

Day 42: Triangle Days

So today Christian came over and we hung out and ran errands and got froyo. Whenever we get together we always talk about the triangle and the good old days. I really miss them. He always gives me info about my ex and it’s not that I want to know but he was a huge part of my life and I’m a curious person. Glad to know he’s doing well..although apparently he didn’t go to the fire academy and he’s working at 2 restaurants.

Matt has been flirting with me like crazy and I can’t figure out what his game is. Yet I find myself playing it right back. I need this back and forth flirting stage, it’s really fun.

I can feel myself starting to pull away from the guy and cuss more and say whatever because I don’t care anymore. I’m supposed to hang out with him in 2 days but well see.

Got to see Ashley today!! She is so adorable pregnant and I can’t wait to see her child!

Day 41: what do we know

So Brandon and I slept until like 11. If you could even call it that. Horrible sleep because of the earthquake and alcohol. We made breakfast and hung out and then I had to work all day.

Pastor Raymond informed me today while ringing him up that Michael is apparently moving out of state and I almost lost it. Luckily my best friend Mary saw my tears and sent me to the back to call down.

I feel so fat and gross from all the alcohol and junk I’ve ingested this week. Back on the workout grind tomorrow thank god.


So today dragon found her wedding dress. I cried like a baby when she walked out in the very first one. Such a weird feeling seeing my best friend in a wedding dress and I know what it feels like to be her. She also picked out the bridesmaid dresses which are so cute.

Went to a party at Lauren’s house which was fun, I love that girl. She is so sweet!! Came home and had the guys over. Apparently they’re pissed that I’m the only chick that ever is partying and makes me feel unappreciated in a way. I understand the need for flirting but I can’t help it that I don’t have more chick friends.

Matt is playing this game and I can’t figure out what the hell his point is. There was a pretty big earthquake..6.1 and he called to check on me. I was shocked but it made me feel good. And then I texted him telling him to come cuddle with me and Obviously he didn’t.

The other guy I thought I liked is crazy and has so many issues. I’m so over it!! I’ve decided I’m gonna flirt and mess around until a guy comes into my life that I want to settle down for.

Day 39: grandma can somewhat party.

Last night was a SA party/goodbye for Casey. I love my co workers and always have so much fun with them! Stayed up until 4am with them and was up at 7 for OLY so I’m wiped!!

I’m gonna miss Casey so much. He is one of my favorite people. Such a nice guy and extremely handsome but not cocky about it. I am so excited for his future!

Had a job interview today that went well! I could see myself working there! But God is in control!