Day 77: another one in the bag.

Today has been stressing me out because I couldn’t wod at 9am. So I went to oly, and then rushed home to get ready for work. And it turned out to be a really good day.

Working days are fun since I get to work with so many people. Im feeling so much more comfortable there which is nice. Went back to wod at 6 and had my ass kicked but in the best way possible. I love my gym family so freaking much.

Day 76: back to reality.

Today we had breakfast, cleaned the house and headed to the iron door saloon in Groveland on our way home. Every body who visits leaves a bill with writing on it so we did the same!

The drive was pretty and curvy. I’m excited to be home but not excited to be back In this depressing house. This week is going to be a super busy but amazing one.

Day 75: HIKING YOSEMITE! Well I can finally say I did it!! Today the 5 of us hiked to the top of the waterfall! Such AMAZING views and things to see. Even got to partake in an engagement ❤️.

Did the hike on barely any food but still wasn’t struggling as bad as the others. #crossfitforthewin

Got back and showered thank god! Enjoyed a nice storm while playing some drinking games and watching some movies.

Day 74: let the weekend commence!

So I made it about 2 miles on my trip before I noticed one of the foam blocks holding the kayak was on my windshield. So I pulled over and tried to fix it, but ended up just taking it home and taking it off because I wasn’t comfortable driving with it.

The drive here was really pretty and I only stopped to pee once! Got here around 3:30 and surprised Kathryn. Of course once everyone got here I was the butt of all the fricken CrossFit jokes.

Ended up playing lots of drinking games and having a dance off with josh…he won. Pretty schwasted off strawberry margaritas. Tomorrow is a hike

Day 73: better days!

Today was actually a pretty good day! I worked out and then spent 5 hours walking in circles at work while the time dragged but at least to had some interesting conversations!

Went grocery shopping with my parents which actually went better than expected. And then put the kayak on my car for my weekend adventure. Im nervous to drive it but I’ll get a test run at CrossFit.

Talked to Brandon today, he makes every other guy look bad. I need to find myself a Brandon 2.0


Today is dragons birthday. But it’s also been a shitty day.

My mom is psycho and doesn’t understand why no one likes her. She’s mad cause my sister blocked her from seeing certain things on Facebook and because I blocked her on Instagram. She starts shit and then plays the victim. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day :(

Got froyo and hung out with Mary which really helped me feel better. Dinner with dragons family was good. SO excited to surprise her this weekend!

Day 71: mid shift

Today I voluntarily took a 12-5 shift at work and of course it was the day Matt had to leave sick which means I was up front and Penny came in. But it was another good day at work.

Mid day shifts are my favorite and my partner even brought me an amazing spinach salad! I have an interview tomorrow but I already don’t want the job.

Gonna hang out at SA until my career job comes along. Tonight I took Matt a burrito and Vitamin C because I’m a good person and he’s just another friend I’m going to of course help. Hopefully one day someone will do the same for me.

Day 70: beach day. Today was a spur of the moment beach day with lizard, and it was surprisingly warm! I can’t believe the bath water temperature!

Of course we had our deep convos while staring at the ocean and our dance party while driving back and forth.

We made nachos for dinner and for some reason i got extremely sick which blows but I’m feeling better now.

Beach days will forever be my favorites ❤️

Day 69: Sunday somewhat funday

So I didn’t get home until after 11am today because I woke up late at matts and had to get a ride to my car from Brandon. Came home and rushed to get ready for work.

Work actually wasn’t bad..was slow and the overlap of people most of the day was really nice! Sometimes I enjoy working there and talking with people.

A customer asked for my number and I told him no. That was a first!

Day 68: fish bowl

Tonight was date night with my lover dragon. We went to Evelyn’s pizza and we’re the first to order a fish bowl. Baaaad but good idea. I was drunk after that so I figured why not keep drinking. Ended up getting a 4 loko and hanging out with her friend out in the middle of freaken horror movie status, was amazingly quiet and peaceful out there.

Matt and Brandon wanted to kick it so they picked me up from her house and we partied at matts. Was a fun and interesting night. I drank quite a bit and had a serious talk with Matt and he told me he’s never met anyone like me, that I actually do things I don’t just say I want to. He said there’s a part of me that I keep hidden and he can’t figure it out and that I’m a mystery..I find that odd cause I’m a pretty open person and what you see is what you get. After lips of flip cup, pool, and dancing it’s time for bed. Brandon passed out on the couch and Matt said I could sleep with him. Drunk in bed and NOTHING happened. He is such an odd person and I like to push his buttons and make him feel awkward to try and help him get over it.

I just want to cuddle.